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Youtube Premium Free Hack – Get 3 Months Membership @10rs

Youtube Premium Free, Youtube Premium 10rs Membership Hack : It has been years since you buffered your first youtube video on your smartphone, and it’s the day where you’re still using the greatest video streaming platform.

However since then a lot of things have turned around and the one that today we are covering is the premium membership of youtube.

Yep, you heard that right, youtube has now enabled users to drive into their premium membership, and this article gonna show you how you can grab it for free with a simple hack/trick. Therefore, let’s ride to explore all about youtube premium membership free hack.

What is Youtube Premium?

Just like any other premium membership, youtube has brought it’s pro plan too. Where you get a bunch of extraordinary features in the premium plan which lacks in the normal.

Youtube premium has started about a year ago and now it’s been user’s favorite as the premium membership has got a lot more, which is quite enough to attract users.

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Youtube Premium Features –

  • A total ad-free streaming without any interruption
  • Play even in background while using any other application
  • Download and manage videos directly from the youtube application
  • Use the awesome youtube premium music (spotify alternative) to seamlessly stream uninterrupted music/podcasts

How to Get Youtube Premium Membership For Free?

1.Get 1 Month Youtube Premium Membership For Free

This offer is valid for new users only, who still hasn’t been activated youtube premium membership on their account.

  1. Open Youtube application
  2. Once you open it, this particular youtube premium free membership banner should pops at front of you.
  3. Click the big blue button and there you go.
  4. If the banner doesn’t pops up, then go to your Profile > Get Youtube Premium > Try It For Free.
  5. To start this 30-day free trial, you need a debit/credit card.
  6. Enjoy!

2.Get 3 Months of Youtube Premium Membership @Rs.10

Well this particular offer, offers you a 3 months youtube premium membership at just Rs.10, which is payable with any payment option, and doesn’t necessarily requires credit card.

  1. Click Here or open the following link in Chrome Browser (or any other).
  2. https://youtube.com/premium?cc=r3sy03nai0vb1u
  3. Click the ‘Get Youtube Premium‘ button and it will redirect you to google play for payment.
  4. If you have debit/credit card or any wallet linked, then pay it OR simply make the payment with google play balance, which is way more easier.
  5. **BONUS – If you have zero balance in your google play account, then simply open PhonePe and purchase a Rs.10 google play gift card and add to the account with no extra fess at all.

  6. Done! Now enjoy the youtube premium membership at literally free of cost.


I personally like youtube premium plan because of the background play feature, as it’s obvious that no one gonna stick around the application when they are supposed to listen their music and having a background-play feature is definitely a lifesaver.

So here i have shown two ways to get youtube free premium membership, but if i would prefer you to choose the second as it offers 3 months plan and even doesn’t requires a credit card for activation. Peace!

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FAQs – Youtube Premium Free Membership

Q.1 How To Get Youtube Premium For Free Forever?
Well as of now there is no such way that lets you grab youtube premium free for lifetime, however you could get premium trials on different google accounts you own.

Q.2 In Which Country Youtube Premium Is Free?
In U.S and India, youtube is offering their premium membership for free, do tell us about your country whether it’s free or not.

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