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How To Change Android Launcher 2019

Don’t you ever thought about home screen that it is too boring? same layout, same design? may be because you see it for a ton of times? well, the thing that i’m focusing here is basically known as an android launcher.

Every other android smartphone comes with a default launcher, where users the basic functions and designs. But, due to that some of us gets the feeling of boredness, and at that time we decides to change the launcher.

Do you know how to change launchers in android and how to get the right one to replace the older? here you’re gonna know. Let’s figure it out…

How To Change Launcher In Android

  1. The first need here is an another android launcher, and for it, you can use google playstore to get it
  2. Simply open play store, type ‘launchers’ and there you will see a lots of suggestions
  3. Pickup any launcher as per the reviews and downloads
  4. Download it and wait for the complete installation process
  5. Once you successfully installed it, its time to visit your android settings
  6. Under system and device, open the ‘home screen & recents’ option
  7. Click the default launcher and set your newly downloaded android launcher as default
  8. You’re done!


Changing the launcher is easy but getting the best one isn’t. And before you decides to change your android’s home screen’s entire look, make sure you pickup the best android launcher and then change it.

You may also see any blog posts, videos to get the perfect android launcher. So, what are your views about this article, did it spread some value to you if yes, then leave a comment below to express your emotions and thoughts. Bye!

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