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How To Create Second Space In Xiaomi Phones 2019

Do you ever thought about the additional user mode in android devices? just like in computers and laptops? if we rewind back to a decade, then you might know that some of us actually had created the second users to operate the laptop for two different users.

But, the question here pops up that can we use it on our android phones? well, the answer is a big ‘yes’. However, the saddest part is that its not on every other android phone.

Xiaomi users have this feature which is known as ‘second space’ and today we are gonna discuss about it, so if you’re a xiaomi freak and wanna know how to use that function to create another space within the mobile phone, then this guide gonna help you a ton.

Let’s visit there…

How To Create Second Space In Mi Mobile Phones

  1. Just like we always says in our other articles, today we’re gonna repeat it again, and thats the system upgradation. Update your android and miui version to the latest one to get that feature in a smooth and stable way
  2. If the first step is completed, then now its the perfect timing to get over your android settings
  3. You may see a lots of option, go over system and devices, and there you may see ‘second space’
  4. Click it and ‘turn on second space’
  5. Done! now you can use two versions of your mobile phone at one time
  6. To get back to the normal one, you can delete the second space at any time. (make sure you’ve backed up all files of second space)

Final Words

Xiaomi phones are rolling out a number of newer functions and features, and this ‘second space’ is one such feature that i liked plus loved the most.

Now we are waiting to hear from you, tell us about your experience in using this second space, and make sure you share this content with everyone. Bye-Bye!

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