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How To Change Fonts In Android Phone 2019

Fonts creates comfort for surfing the mobile phone, and what if they are confusing? would it be a good impact in using our phone? i don’t think so. Because, the first thing that attracts us is the fonts of the device.

And, if you’ve android as an operating system on your smartphone, then it’s a great opportunity for you to get your favourite font as per your wish, and it can be done by following only a few steps, so if you’ve bored from seeing the same font multiple time, then let’s have a look on the below explained steps and change your android font now.

Here, we go…

How To Change Android Fonts

  1. First step is to update your existing android system, and for doing it, visit the settings option > about > system update
  2. Once you update it successfully, you may have got the option to change the android font, so follow the next step to get there
  3. Again visit at your android settings, look for ‘display’ option
  4. Hit there, and you may see another option which is ‘system fonts’, visit there and change the font family as you like
  5. Done!


Getting the right font isn’t easy and when you’re going to change the system fonts, then its more than a challenge. And if you followed our upper steps and i’m sure you’ve known the way to change the android font, if you really liked the way of explaination then make sure you share this content with everyone and leave a comment regarding any help of changing android fonts. Bye!

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