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Trick To Check Internet Data Usage In Android 2019

Do you know how many hours you spent on surfing internet? well, there is no need to check the stats, because we obviously know that the numbers aren’t a lower ones.

Internet has become the mandatory part of our life just like the water. We consumes the internet more than drinking the average number of water glasses.

But, what if you want the real data of your working hours on internet? well, this can be brought by using your smartphone itself. So, here we will talk about the official and the exact way to get the internet data usage metrics. Let’s know about it…

How To Check Daily Internet Data Usage In Android

  1. Now to check the data usage, you may the two options for it, and both of them give the accurate data, so its upon what you wanna use, however we are showing the way which can be used without installing any app.
  2. So, firstly you have to visit your android settings from your main menu
  3. Under networks category, you will see an option of data usage
  4. Click there, and now you will get all the details about which application used the most internet data, was it through your cellular data or wifi, check out the daily, monthly and yearly data usage and do some mathematics to get the average numbers
  5. Done!

Final Thoughts

No matter how many hours you’re busy in working or studying something, your day won’t be complete unless you use your internet data.

And, that’s how the current generation is goinh through and it’s must to know that how much time you’re giving to your mobile and the internet for surfing.

We hope you got the way to get the stats of data usage, if you really loved this guide, share it with your buddies. And, respond to us if you get stucked at any step which we explained just now.

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