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How To Share Internet Using Bluetooth In Android 2019

Which ways you know to share internet? well, the most common way that most of the smartphones users use is the portable hotspot method. But, have you ever used your device’s bluetooth option to share the internet connection?

May be some of you even haven’t heard about it. And its obvious because people thinks that sharing internet wirelessly is only done by wifi feature.

But thats wrong, there are also another ways just like this bluetooth option, so if you’re ready to know about how you can use your bluetooth for internet sharing then let’s jump right into the pool and get aware.

How To Use Bluetooth For Internet Sharing

  1. Go to your android settings
  2. Under ‘wireless and networks’ section, search for ‘tethering’ option
  3. You may find a toggle of bluetooth tethering, simply turn it on
  4. Now once you enable it, bring your friend’s phone near to your device and enable the bluetooth connectivity in his/her phone
  5. Connect it normally, and tap on the internet option
  6. Done! now open any web browser, check the internet connection and enjoy.


Sharing via bluetooth was a type of fun in those old days, but we might have unknown about the internet option that i have shared in today’s article.

However from now if you read this whole guide carefully then i’m sure you’re going to share your device internet via bluetooth tethering (may be as a test). At last, press the share button below at this article and keep enjoying our blog. Bye!

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