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Jio Free Internet – Working VPN Trick 2024

Jio Free Internet Tricks

Jio Free Internet, VPN, Proxy Trick 2024– ‘Your daily data has been exhausted‘, well everyone hates this statement when they’re about to surf their favorite thing on the world wide web (www).

Seems like you’ve experienced this, too, and wanna get rid of this. Luckily, if you’re a jio user, then there’s something you might be interested in looking into.

Well, we know Jio is considered the best and most used network operator in India due to its offers and services on data connections.

That’s the reason why we all stick to the same telecom company when we have got no other better choice than the current one. And there’s something that you should know that you can use free internet on your favorite Jio sim card when you’re out of recharge.

Well, that’s true, as per the users, Jio provides free internet to its users in case of zero data. And using that, people are consuming unlimited free internet on Jio with absolutely no data pack.

Using VPN and some proxy tricks, Jio users can have unlimited internet. Well, if you’ve got a little interest in this, then we have some working jio free internet tricks for you that you should take a look into.

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Requirements – Jio Free Internet 2024

  • Android Device
  • Jio Sim
  • No Active Data Pack
  • 4G/5G Network
  • VPN Application
  • Patience

How To Get Free Internet In Jio Sim?

The following methods are about Jio free internet, try each way and let us know which one is your favorite.

#1 Jio Psiphon VPN Trick

Jio Psiphon Pro Vpn Trick
Jio Psiphon Pro Vpn Trick
  1. Download Psiphon Pro
  2. Install the app & launch it
  3. Simply hit the Start button and wait for a successful vpn connection.
  4. It might take a couple of tries before getting connected.
  5. Once it gets connected, enjoy!

#2 Jio Free Internet via HA Tunnel Plus

Jio HA Tunnel Plus VPN Trick
Jio HA Tunnel Plus VPN Trick
  1. Download HA Tunnel Plus
  2. Under the connection mode, choose any ‘Jio Free‘ connection and hit the Start button
  3. Allow the vpn connection, and within minutes, the VPN will establish a connection.
  4. Done!

#3 Jio Free Proxy Server Trick

Jio Proxy Server Trick
Jio Proxy Server Trick
  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Connections > Mobile Networks > APN
  3. Create a new APN and fill in the details below:
    Name – Jio Proxy
    APN – jionet
    Proxy – 4everproxy.com
    Port – 80
  4. And leave everything as it is & save the APN
  5. Now open your default browser and launch ‘jio.com
  6. You will find a proxy server page, type any website, and start surfing.
  7. Done!

Note-The tricks that have been shared are totally for educational purposes. We don’t intend to participate in the loss of company. Hope you understand!


Back in 2010, when data packs were costlier, there were such tricks and tactics to use free internet via vpn and proxy servers. And now, when we have such cheaper internet around the globe, these tricks are still working, and users have done everything to enjoy the moment. Well, if you’re such a cool user that has got jio unlimited internet, then let us know in the comments section.

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Q.1 Is there any validity about jio free internet trick?

There is no validity of jio free internet. At any time, the free service can get stopped.

Q.2 Is the given jio free vpn trick works after daily data consumption?

Nope, it won’t work. The trick is working only when there is no active data pack.

Q.3 Is the jio Free Internet trick truly unlimited?

As per the user’s data, there is no data limit of jio free internet trick. However, we can’t be sure that each user will get free unlimited Internet.

Q.4 Will i get true 4g speed while downloading and streaming via Jio free internet?

The speed will truly depend upon the VPN and server. You might get up to 10Mbps speed as an average speed on using free internet trick.

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