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How To Deactivate Mobikwik Account 2024?

Delete/ Close Mobikwik Account

Deactivate Mobikwik Account– Sometimes, things get out of our heads, and we decide to shut them off completely. The same cause can be said in the context of the Mobikwik account. Mobikwik is an electronic wallet that we have known for years.

However, in terms of any concern regarding known issues, the user decides to delete their account permanently. And doing that seems confusing for the newbies or the experienced ones as no company gonna get their user go off so easily.

Well, getting rid of Mobikwik is not that much puzzling for you, and it’s way easier than you think, and here in this article, we are gonna show you the easiest way to deactivate mobikwik account.

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Things You Should Get Settled Before Account Deactivation

There are certain things that need some attention, like payment dues, funds in wallets, and saved cards. Clear off any dues that’s been in your account before diving into account deletion procedure. As mobikwik is gonna restrict the deactivation process if you’ve not taken care of these.

Apart from that, transfer funds from your wallets to your bank account and remove saved card details from your mobikwik wallet. If you’ve done all of these three things, then it’s time to explore your next move.

How To Close/ Delete Mobikwik Account?

To deactivate the mobikwik account, we have shared two working ways:

1.Via Mobikwik App

  1. Download Mobikwik App
  2. Login to your account
  3. Tap on the Profile icon
  4. Click on Help and Support?
  5. Select My account & KYC
  6. Click Account deactivation
  7. Tap on Delete/ Close my Account option
  8. File a ticket by filling up the form regarding your genuine reason behind mobikwik account deactivation
  9. Hit the Submit button
  10. Now, you should wait for a couple of days to get a response from Mobikwik via email.
  11. Done!

2.Via Mobikwik Twitter Handle

  1. Go to Twitter
  2. Compose a tweet to @MobiKwikSWAT about closing your mobikwik account
  3. Their team gonna respond to you in a personal message, give them your reason for deleting the mobikwik account
  4. And follow the steps as they guide, and after a specific period of time, your mobikwik account will get deactivated permanently
  5. Done!

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Mobikwik is an electronic wallet that comes with a recharge bill and payment services. And even after having offers and discounts, there can be any single possible reason behind the exit.

Well, we don’t intend the users to make such a move it’s all upon their decisions. Our part was to make you aware of going through the process in a right working way, and we hope you might have gotten about it. Peace!


Q.1 Is the mobikwik account going to be permanently deactivated?

Yes, after initiating the account deletion, your mobikwik account will get permanently deleted.

Q.2 Can i revoke the account deletion if i change my mind?

In such case, you may need to talk to the Mobikwik team via email or their Twitter handle. As per their terms, they will tell you the account retention condition/process.

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