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How To Change Birthdate In Facebook 2019

Just like other social media platforms, some features are registered for one time only, the same thing goes to facebook too.

The birthday submission in new user account, is registered for the first time only. And when someone tries to change it later, it doesn’t get changed.

However, some special facebook contact’s links are there that can helps us to change the current facebook birthdate in the profile. So, let’s know how to change birthdate in facebook social platform. Here, we go…

How To Change Facebook Birthdate Using App/Web

  1. To execute the above heading, a current active facebook account is needed, and we are sure that you’ve it
  2. Now either visit m.facebook.com or download the application according to your os
  3. Login to your facebook account
  4. Go through this below link in the respective platform
  5. Choose your correct birthdate and recheck it thrice and give the proper reason behind this change
  6. Submit and within 24-48 hours, your facebook birthdate will get changed
  7. Done!

Final Words

Sometimes due to urgency or incorrect information, we creates our social accounts. And later we regret for that error, but just like every disease have a remedy, this error can also be solved by doing a simply task that we shown above.

Hence, now it’s your duty to share this content with every facebook user who recently joined the platform. So, he/she can handle this future issue without paying any single rupee to anybody. Bye!

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