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How To Clear Cached Data In Android Smartphone 2019

Do you ever got the popup window, about storage full? if you’ve a lots of applications installed on your smartphone, then you probably had sufferred from it.

But, what’s the point of full+storage behind applications? well, it’s their cached data. The application which we use daily, saves a number of requests including images, texts, and even videos which indirectly increases our phone storage.

So, clearing these cached data can really transform your mobile phone storage, and the best part in this cached data is that your saved application data won’t get hurt.

Thus, if you’re looking the official way to clear cached data of your android smartphone, then let’s have a look over on below steps.

How To Clear Cached Data In Android

  1. The first thing you need to do is to visit your android settings option
  2. Head over to storage button by scrolling down
  3. Under system & device category, you would get it, so go over there
  4. There you might see an option for ‘cached data’, simply click it and clear it
  5. Done! now you will clearly see the difference between the storage of your smartphone


Cached data gets auto saves inorder to show the results offline that you visited before. But, this practice sometimes creates difficulty for users, and over storage is the most common issue among android users.

So, clearing it without any third party application can really affect the changes in storage, that’s why you must follow the above steps to clear the app cached data.

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