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How To Check Screen Timing Usage In Android 2019

How the period of using a joystick to smartphone rapidly changed? do you feel that change? ofcourse, we all do! And there is no issue in using smartphones at all, but the thing is that how much you’re using it.

In other words, it’s called as screen timing. The time you spend on your smartphone after unplugging the phone from charging. And if we look on the data and statistics, you may be shocked but the stats aren’t under a normal state, meaning using their phone for too much time.

So, how you can check that how much you’ve used your phone or the screen time of your smartphone? if you still go to google it then follow the next heading and know about it right now. Go!!

How To Check Smartphone Screen Time In Android

  1. Visit your settings option
  2. Search for term ‘battery & performance’
  3. Get over there, and click on power usage button
  4. Now navigate to the hardware section and you will see the ‘screen’ option there
  5. Visit there, and now you can clearly your smartphone screen timing
  6. Done!


It’s always a fun when we use our mobile phone for entertainment purpose, but don’t be dissolved in a such manner that you forget your precious time in using your smartphone.

That’s why, keeping an eye over screen timing is neccessary for all of us, so that we can minimize the usage to shortage over a tiny time of period.

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