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How To Download Whatsapp Status Without Any App 2020

Whatsapp status is a prettiest way to show your daily life stories with your contacts, and also the coolest medium to watch stories of other. And there are much chances that you’ve came acrossed such a condition where you liked the whatsapp status of one of your mobile contacts and you wants to save it without asking them to send it you.

May be if i’m wrong but most of the people have experienced this condition, and due to lack of knowledge they might have messaged them too to download that video/picture. But, what can we do to download the whatsapp status without asking and without any help of external tools/apps.

Well, there is one smartest way that you can use to save whatsapp status without knowing them. So, to know how you can do it, let’s explore this article till the end…

Trick To Download Whatsapp Status Without Installing Any Tool

  1. First of all, update your whatsapp app, if you’ve did it before then simply open it
  2. Watch that whatsapp status which you wanna download it
  3. After watching it completely, its time to close whatsapp application and to visit File manager/file explorer
  4. Go to ‘Whatsapp’ folder > Media
  5. Now look for ‘.Statuses’ hidden folder (if you can’t see then go through file manager options and switch on ‘show the hidden folder’ option)
  6. Simply open this folder and look for that video/picture which you just watched (you can also sort the files to time to get that easily)
  7. Either move or copy the video to any other folder and now you’re ready to share that video on your whatsapp status and on any platform that you want
  8. Enjoy!

Final Words

Good Videos and funny memes are always the house of atttaction, and every social media user shares it on their profile to make it viral more. And in case of whatsapp, ‘Status’ feature is the perfect way to show any content to all contacts without sharing them personally.

So, uploading and downloading other statuses are common in whatsapp and you should know the way that how you can save other whatsapp statuses into your phone without installing any tool/app.

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  1. Hi,

    That’s perfectly and easily explained how to download Whatsapp Status without installing any tool. Thanks for sharing such a useful post.


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