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How To Watch Vodafone Play On Pc/Laptop 2020

Vodafone Play On Pc : As education is necessary for us, so is entertainment. And, if we point out in current scenario then the most of the entertainment or we can say movies, web series, videos are being watched on smart phones or mobile devices.

Just like there is youtube app for watching videos, there is a Vodafone play application for viewing live tv, web series, shows, movies and a lot of other video content too, specifically made for vodafone users.

And if you’re a voda. subscriber, it’s so easy for you to access them in your mobile phone but what if you wanna watch in a big screen or in your pc or laptop? how would you watch vodafone play on pc/laptop?

Well, no need to brainstorm on it as i’ve some really working ways which has been tested by me and guess what? it worked perfectly with the exact same interface which we use in our mobile phone.

So, not taking too much of your time, let’s dive in to know how actually vodafone play application can be used in pc or laptop.

Play/Watch Vodafone Play On Pc/Laptop

Now here i’ve distributed the working ways in some methods which are different from each other, so if one doesn’t works out, may be the other will. So, here we go and know about each and every working way to watch vodafone play on pc.

#1 Method – Through Website

  1. Open your google chrome in pc/laptop
  2. Simply visit this link or copy the following link and open it
  3. https://www.vodafoneplay.in/
  4. Navigate to Account icon & Enter your Vodafone number
  5. Verify it via Otp
  6. Done! now start using it.

#2 Method – Through Bluestack (Or Any Android Emulator)

  1. Download bluestacks android emulator
  2. Open the file and Install it on your pc/laptop
  3. Double the bluestack icon and login to your gmail account
  4. Open the playstore and download Vodafone play
  5. After installation repeat the process from above method
  6. Done!

#3 Method – Through Chromecast

  1. Now this method requires a device called Chromecast by google
  2. You have to plug-in on your pc/laptop at HDMI Port
  3. Download Google home app on your android phone
  4. Under devices, click Set up & connect to the wifi network
  5. After verifying the device via Codes, Chromecast will be setup successfully
  6. Now download Vodafone play app from Playstore and start using it.

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I guess these methods have really touched your heart as i’m sure that atleast one method has definitely worked for you. As i said these three methods are completely different and it’s upon which way works faster for you.

And if still, at any step you’re getting stucked then comment below with your full query, i will surely reply it with some authentic working solution.

Plus, if you have any additional easiest way to do this stuff in less time then share it via comment section.

So, that’s it for today, share this guide with your friends and comment about which method you used for watching vodafone play app for pc/laptop?

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