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How To Know Which Pages You’re Liked On Facebook 2020

Facebook is still the biggest social networking website or platform that is being used by millions or billions of users, and these users are using this medium from over more than 4-5 years or may be later.

And they even don’t know how many facebook pages they visited and infact how many facebook pages they’ve liked too. But, actually there is one facebook feature that let you reveal how many pages you’ve been liked since your account creation to today’s date.

So, if you’re such person who has more interest over curiosity than this guide is made for you. Therefore, let’s follow and know what steps you need to take to get there…

Trick To Know How Many FB Paged You’ve Liked

  1. For getting the information, you can either visit fb’s website or application, since we are giving the tutorial through application, then you can also follow your facebook app to know about
  2. So, open your facebook application and click those three horizontal lines (i.e, options)
  3. Click ‘Pages’ under the list
  4. Now at the top bar, swipe left to get an option ‘Liked pages’
  5. Click it and here are all those pages that you’ve liked from your facebook account so far
  6. Done!


Facebook pages are the best ways to explore your interest, entertainment and fun. And you should know which facebook pages you’ve liked from your facebook account, because these information are public by default so it may be important for you to like or unlike facebook pages. as per your choice.

Well, this guide was all about knowing liked fb pages, if you really liked it and hit that share button below and comment about your facebook page experience.

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