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How To Enable Fingerprint Lock In Whatsapp 2019

Application security is as neccesary as locking the vault inorder to keep the money safe. And why would you let anyone to access your application without your permission? well, nobody would ever do that.

Specially, if that application is too close to your personal privacy. Yeah, here i’m talking about whatsapp messenger. None of us wants to keep this social chatting app, open. So, locking it through a modern way does makes sense.

And, that is using your fingerprint which is actually said as ‘fingerprint lock’. Hence, if you’re one such who wants to unlock his/her whatsapp using fingerprint sensor, then here we welcomes you. Let’s get there…

How To Turn Fingerprint Lock In Whatsapp App

  1. Firstly, update your whatsapp messenger to a latest version via app. market
  2. Open it and visit to the whatsapp settings
  3. Head over to account section and click the lock icon i.e, ‘privacy’
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of your mobile screen, and see whether there is an option of ‘fingerprint lock’ or not
  5. If yes, then go there and switch it from disabled to enabled
  6. You did it!

Final Thoughts

Keep the things private, actually defines the term ‘privacy’. And, it’s our right to make your details private, plus using an app. security do it so. The reason that fingerprint lock option is widely used because of the easiest and comfortability for the user.

We hope this guide solved your all untold queries regarding the whatsapp app. lock, if still something turning our on your head, let us know via comment section. We would love to hear from your. At last, take care and good bye!

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