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Trick To Change Number In Whatsapp Messenger 2019

Whatsapp is the most popular and widely used social media application across the globe, and the reason behind such huge numbers, are due to their easiest way of working.

However, there are some technical works that doesn’t seems to be easiest in case of whatsapp messenger, and changing the number is one such work that’s fits correctly in this scenario.

People who wants to change their whatsapp mobile number withour losing the chats are high in number, but due to lack of correct and exact information and steps, they couldn’t do that.

So, here’s we are gonna tell you those steps in a simplest way, therefore you can change your whatsapp number easily. Let’s get there…

How To Change Whatsapp Number Without Losing Chats

  1. Download/update your whatsapp application to the newest version from the app. store
  2. Open the app. and click the three dots from the top right corner
  3. Go to the account section, and there you will meet the option that we’re looking for
  4. Click the ‘change number’ option
  5. Fill the required details about your exisiting and new whatsapp number and verify them by entering otp
  6. Done! your whatsapp number will be changed

Note : if you feel about losing your whatsapp chat, then we recommend you to either create a backup of your chats or exports the selected chats


Due to certain conditions, one has to take a decision to change their information. And due to majority of audience of whatsapp messenger, it’s just like a mandatory task to change the whatsapp number.

Plus, without without having exact information, the chats can also be lost. So, this article is for those who wants to change or need to memorize the information about changing whatsapp number. At last, share this guide with your whatsapp fellows. Bye!

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