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Trick To Turn Off Activity Status On Both Facebook App & Messenger 2020

We ourselves doesn’t know that how much time we are on our facebook account. Some people loves to show their online status or activity status but people who are too serious about their privacy, often looks for the ways to turn off their online status.

Since facebook is over 16 years old from now but still users who are just registered on facebook, doesn’t know properly about how to turn off their activity status on both facebook app and messenger.

So, here in this articls i would show you the way that i personally use to turn off online status of my fb account, therefore you can also do it to ours. Let’s know…

How To Switch Off Activity Status On Facebook App & Messenger App

  1. Now for doing that, you must have updated versions of both facebook and messenger app, if you haven’t updated them yet then visit playstore or app store and download the newest version app
  2. In case of facebook app, simply open it and Login to your account
  3. Go over towards app options and scroll down to find ‘see more’ option
  4. Click there and visit facebook settings
  5. At the end, you would meet an option called ‘active status’
  6. Simply turn it off and guess what? its done!
  7. Now for messenger, open the app and visit your profile icon
  8. Under profile, click ‘active status’ and turn it off also
  9. Done! now you’ve successfully turned off activity/online status of both facebook app and messenger app


It’s always not so easy to operate any website/app when you’re too new. And turning off online status is same, and quite tough for newbies. But, i’m sure that after reading this guide from start to end, has somehow helped you to do it.

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